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Welcome to USB Direct

Based in Canada, USB Direct sells flash drives of all types to large companies and to small, entrepreneurial businesses. Our company provides USB drives that swivel, storage devices that have the shape of a credit card and equipment that features high-quality leather.

Types Of Flash Drives
Our business offers custom USB drives that are made of rubber, finished aluminum, many types of wood, steel and recycled materials. You can choose a flash drive that looks like a miniature replica of a sports car, a guitar, a Russian doll, a bar of gold, a small collar or an alien's ship. In addition to our prebuilt pieces, our customers can choose a promotional USB key that wraps around their wrists, connects to a key chain or functions as a pen.

The Memory
The smallest flash drives that we sell can hold 64 Megabytes of data, and the most advanced devices to-date are able to store 256 Gigabytes of information.

Adding Your Logo
At USB Direct, we are able to add your company's unique style, colors and designs to the flash drives that you order. We provide exceptionally competitive prices when you choose a printing scheme of three colors or a single color for each side of the device. If you want an especially fancy USB drive, we are able to add up to six solid colors in addition to white ink. Furthermore, we can etch words, pictures and logos into flash drives that are made of wood and leather by using precise lasers.

Completely Customizing Your Device
In addition to imprinting your company's logo, you can use our website to send us completely unique concepts for new USB drives. Before we manufacture the piece, we will provide a three-dimensional picture of the prospective design.

The Warranties And Delivery
Most of our flash drives come with a five-year warranty. Instead of choosing regular packaging, you can opt to have the device shipped in a custom, wooden box or a container that is made of stainless steel. Flash drives that feature USB 3.0 are able to read and to deliver data 10 times more quickly on average than their USB 2.0 counterparts.

Our Reduced Prices
If you send us a free price quote from a different company for a USB drive that our business offers, we guarantee that we will provide a lower price.

The Testimonials
We have listed countless reviews on our website that our business has received from patrons in Canada and in other countries.

Placing Your Order
If you're ready to purchase flash drives from USB Direct or would like to find out more information about our services, you should call our company at 416-479-8979, or you can visit usbdirect.ca.

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